How to Blow Up Your Business with Success in 2021 and Beyond

Think disruption: It’s the pathway to where you want your business to go.

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Whether you’re starting a business or seeking ways to grow an existing one the basic challenges are the same.

Likely, the questions bouncing around in your head are:

1. What’s the best way for me to break away from competition and scale my business?

2. Where can I find something simple that will make my business grow and I can use it consistently?

3. How do I build my business with the least amount of cost and expense yet get the maximum rate of return on my investment?

Many more questions might pop up for you in your daily quest for business success.

The answer to all of the questions and more is to develop the mindset of a disrupter. This article covers those basics.

What is Disruption?

The word disruption usually has a negative tone and people are conditioned to avoid the concept. However, when it comes to business that’s a big mistake.

Disruption is the act or process of disrupting something: a break or interruption in the normal course or continuation of some activity or process. — Merriam Webster Dictionary

It does not necessarily mean something negative or bad. A break or interruption in the normal course of something that already exists can be good a thing.

Disruption and Business

Business disruption refers to innovation within an industry that radically and lastingly changes the way a company or organization –private or public- operates and brings about a better result.

The term “disruptive innovation” was created by the late Clayton Christensen, an academic and business consultant.

How Disruption Works In Business

Disruption requires a mindset. In your business industry look for and find what is old, malfunctioning, or needs a revolution and DISRUPT IT.

Make it better or create something that blows it up in a better way. A process, product, or service that delivers a more valuable experience that solves a problem or relieves the pain of the audience or market you want to reach. Concentrate on what moves progress to the next level.

It does not have to a reinvention of the wheel type process, but it could be. Remember, simplicity is the key and simplicity sells. Find or create a system that works and produces a profit and make it your own through tweaks and changes.

Automate the system that you’ve made so it runs on its own without you having to work it. It should either duplicate itself or through the work of others to make it happen on your behalf without your constant supervision. The goal is to work on your business, not in your business.

Disruption Business Examples.

The good thing about disruptive business and the proof that it can be a pathway to success is numerous business examples have already paved the way:

  • McDonald’s revolutionized the fast food industry by creating a recognizable brand of food, fun, entertainment, and feel-good family experience and systemized so people get the same benefits no matter where they are served the world.
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) disrupted the concept that you can only get scrumptious delicious fried chicken in a southern restaurant. One man, Colonel Sanders, created a “finger-licking good” chicken recipe that tasted the same and delivered the same delicious comfort food feeling wherever the chicken is purchased. It was systemized.
  • Netflix created a system that used the internet to purchase and rent movies without having to go into a physical store and rent or purchase a movie or video. It was automated and disrupted the movie rental industry.
  • Microsoft disrupted the typewriter system.
  • Apple disrupted the telephone system and, in part, the telephone industry.
  • Facebook disrupted the internet communication and social gathering space and My Space, the first within that space, became almost non-existent.

These are all examples of business disruption. There are numerous others.


Business success is always challenged with the question of what’s next and what is the best way to generate and sustain profits.

The answer is to research and study what is happening within a particular industry now and find the gaps that can be filled with a better or more enhanced product or service to serve a targeted audience.

Creating a system that can be automated that delivers service or a product by itself or through the efforts of others without a business owner’s required attention at every step is the way to blow up a business for success.

What disruptive system will you create for your business in 2021?

Business attorney, entrepreneur, content marketer, and published author. I help you communicate your marketing message and generate sales.

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