Corporate Social Responsibility: The Elephant In The Room Finally Speaks Up.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Has Begun and the Rippling Effect Is Affecting Every Aspect of American and Global Society for the Better in the Following Ways


  • FedEx, PepsiCo, Nike, and Bank of America put such pressure on the Washington Redskin’s football team that it has decided to drop the offensive and racist name “Redskins” as the official name of the team. This ends 87 years of insults and degradation and humiliation for the indigenous Native Americas who suffered the loss of their country, their heritage, their culture, their dignity, and had to be reminded of it every time the name “Redskins” was used in promoting a company that has made billions of dollars from a slur that will last a lifetime for so many people.
  • NASCAR has stepped up and removed the long-overdue symbol and stigma of slavery and bondage that divides Black and White citizens by banning the presence of the Confederate flag from its events. A long-standing tradition of flying the flag of the confederacy and conjuring up ghosts of the past has finally been put in the grave where it belongs.
  • The National Football League (NFL), finally sees the light and apologizes for the treatment it allowed Black American athletes to suffer for the simple act of exercising their constitutional right to peaceful protest against racial injustice by kneeling on one knee during the singing of the National Anthem. Corporate social responsibility sparked this change. It sends a message that peaceful protest is an American tradition and part of the fabric of our constitutional rights no matter who it pisses off or who disapproves.
  • The hiring practices of NFL teams have been radically changed to ensure and require that during the vetting process to hire team head coaches, general managers, and other executive positions, minorities, women, and particularly Black candidates will be interviewed and seriously considered for hire. The pressure of Corporate America helped provide the fuel to make this change.


The corporate entertainment world has been rocked by racial and social unrest as well. It has responded to the call for change by canceling television shows that portray seemingly benign characters but the undertow sends a message of racism and shines a negative light on Black people.

Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity — Image by Author-

Retail Consumerism

For decades, Black consumers have been reminded of a heritage of race, servitude, and lower status every time they shopped at retail grocery stores and viewed the isles showing black-faced Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben on boxes of pancakes and rice.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Journey Has Started but There Is Still a Long Way to Go.

It is wonderful news to hear and see how Corporate America has responded to society’s unrest with the pandemic of racism. Finally, many of them are putting action behind their rhetoric. However, this is not nearly enough.

Severe lack of capital

The availability of funding for Black women, other minorities, and disenfranchised business owners is dismal. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Develop Agency, minority business owners are less likely to receive loans than non-minority business owners. Even, if they do obtain a loan, they are more likely to receive less of a loan amount than a non-minority business borrower.


Redlining is the practice of outlining areas with sizable Black populations in red ink on maps as a warning to mortgage lenders, effectively isolating Black people and communities in specific areas. Because of this practice Black people and the communities they live in suffer lower levels of investment than their white counterparts.

Diversity and Inclusion

Corporate boardrooms need to change their complexion, gender, and makeup to reflect the realities of society. More ethnic minorities and women should be on their boards and in commanding executive roles such as Board Chairperson, CEO, President, and other top executive positions.

The Organized Corporate Church Must Come Out of Hiding and Speak the Truth That It Professes to Proclaim.

Churches must work to eliminate racism and increase tolerance. Image by Author —

What You and I Can Do to Keep Corporate Social Responsibility Engaged and Sustained.

You and I can make a difference in the use and power of corporate social responsibility. We constitute customers of companies that sell us the goods and services we consume.



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