Learn and apply the “Yoda” effect and become the writer you want to be.

All successful writers, at some point, have faced the same demons along the path to finding themselves and becoming the writer they want to be.

They’ve fallen prey to the noise and hype that you have to write a certain way, emulate another successful writer, be subjected to ridicule and nasty hurtful comments, and a host of other things that war against producing consistent valuable contributions to the world of readership.

I know I’ve faced my share of these negative things and I’ve learned a thing…

Direct mail is alive and well and very effective

Direct mail is declared to be dead when it comes to many marketing discussions. However, that idea is just plain wrong. Statistics show that Direct mail is alive and well and is still one of the best marketing tools available to build and scale a business.

If you’re not using direct mail as part of your marketing tool kit, you’re likely missing out on some effective ways to generate quality prospects and losing an opportunity to bond a better relationship with existing customers.

Direct mail has stood the test of time and is steadily growing in use and effectiveness.

Read this article to find out what it is…

So many people are stuck in jobs and careers they hate but they’re either too comfortable, afraid, or just don’t know what to do in order to break out of the thing that they dread everything day.

So many wake up every morning and instead of looking forward to a day of excitement, joy, and ready to embrace challenges, they stumble through another day that just plain sucks.

I hope this isn’t the state of your present existence, but if it is there is a way out.

If you’re not doing…

Leaders are not born. They develop over time.

Leadership is one of the most searched for topics on the internet. According to Ubersuggest, one of the most popular keyword search engines, the term leadership is searched over 160,000 times every 30 days or less. That’s a lot of people looking for leadership.

It’s not surprising because leadership is extremely important and without leadership, not a lot gets done that needs to be done.

People want to be led. It’s part of human nature. Most people defer from leadership but will readily follow someone that they trust and feel confident in.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion must go beyond the employee workplace

America has a race problem. No matter how much it is denied the truth is that racism is a major issue in our country and until its ugliness is faced and serious solutions and policies are put into place to eradicate it, it will continue to strangle the country’s greatness and tarnish its reputation for being the land of the free and a place of opportunity for all.

One of the areas that progress is being made to right the wrongs of racism and create fairness and inclusion for the…

What you do every day ultimately will determine your success

I love learning about stories that relate to the success principles of running a business and how they can make a huge difference in grasping a concept and applying it to a business to help make it better.

The story of a common principle that both the Lion and an Antelope must live by in order to survive is one that has stuck with me during my journey as an entrepreneur.

The story describes the following:

Every morning when they awake the antelope knows that it must run faster than the swiftest lion or it will be caught and eaten.

Lessons in leadership to pave the way for preservation and prosperity

We were in the middle of the Gulf of Tonkin patrolling the waters off the coast of North Vietnam and then it happened. The ship’s broadcast sounded an alarm that every sailor has been trained to react to and move into action like a robot getting signals from its source.

The broadcast was loud and clear: “General quarters, general quarters, general quarters all hands man your battle stations…this is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill.

I remember the rush I felt as I bolted into…

Equity and inclusion require change and cooperation from different perspectives to work.

There is a fable about a giraffe and an elephant that depicts an interesting reality when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In a small suburban community, a giraffe had a new home built to his family’s specifications. It was a wonderful house for giraffes, with soaring ceilings and tall doorways. High windows ensured maximum light and good views while protecting the family’s privacy.

Narrow hallways saved valuable space without compromising convenience. So well done was the house that it won the National Giraffe Home of the Year Award. The homeowners were very proud.

One day the giraffe, working…

Imagine you’re on an elevator ride and only have seconds to tell your story

Have you ever walked into an elevator and met someone who asked what you do? It’s happened to me on a number of occasions or I’ve entered an elevator and heard somebody ask another person “what do you do” or “What’s that about”, after noticing a name card, inscription on a piece of clothing, or some other eye-catching item.

This happens often at conventions, seminars, and other public meeting scenarios where people wear badges displaying the function they are attending or involved in.

When they walked…

Focus on being the captain of your ship and sail the seas your way

You know the feeling. You’re faced with a challenge that you’ve never had to face before. Perhaps it was a physical challenge, emotional, or a mental one but they all generate similar reactions.

Palms start to sweat, heartbeats speed up, breathing becomes more rapid, dry mouth, even the urge to just flee and getaway.

We have all faced times when the lack of confidence in ourselves makes us lose something that we want. This low self-confidence and low self-esteem may show up as fear or as…

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