The thread of loyalty has unraveled and needs to be stitched back into place

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I was raised with the concept that loyalty is one of the most important characteristics that one should have in a relationship. Early on in my life, the saying “I’ll be with you through thick and thin” became a mantra to live by with family, friends, and country. This was loyalty.

Loyalty to country prompted me to voluntarily enter into the military amid a war conflict and I ended up in the combat zone with the understanding that I could lose my life. …

Marketing is the heartbeat of any business

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When it comes to a business’s success, the importance of marketing can be compared to the importance of the heart within the human body. It’s vital and without it pumping blood throughout the body’s system the person will eventually die.

If the heart is weak the body may last and linger but it never functions well enough to reap the benefits of quality life. It may even have to be replaced in order for the person to live.

Similarly, without an effective marketing system, a business, especially a small business, may linger but…

Follow this tried and true method and reap the benefits

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One of the things I’ve learned about marketing is the fact that the fundamentals don’t change. Effective marketing is an evergreen concept that has tried and true steps that work and produce results when followed consistently.

They have been around for decades and aren’t going to change. What has changed is how they may be deployed.

We now live in a technological eco-system and the application of marketing fundamentals is often lost in the whirlwind of the latest “shiny object” application.

While technology changes significantly and rapidly, often day by…

Bitterness keeps you from flying

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You thought your life was going great. You had a great career, in the best of health, money was no problem, you were with the love of your life, and you felt totally in control. And then it happened.

Your best friend betrayed you and stabbed you in the back by revealing secrets you’d never told anyone else and now you are embarrassed, ashamed, and ridiculed by others. Even worse, it caused you to lose the relationship you wanted to keep with your significant other.

It’s a double whammy in your life and you are…

What you do today affects what your future will be tomorrow and beyond.

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The whole world is governed by laws. There are laws of gravity, laws of electricity, mathematical laws, laws of attraction, and many other laws of the universe and the world as we know it.

We’ve come to know and understand that these laws or principles are set because they’ve been tested by time. They don’t change and the results are always the same.

This includes the law of “sowing and reaping.” …

Logic goes out the window when it comes to buying most things. Emotion is the driving force.

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Have you ever been victim to your emotions when it comes to making decisions to buying things? Come on be honest. You know you have. It happens to us people all the time.

Picture this: You meet with some of your girlfriends for lunch. One of them (Suzi) shows up dressed to the nines with the most beautiful pair of Louboutin red bottom shoes and a gorgeous new Louis Vuitton purse.

You and the rest of your girlfriends go gaga over them and…

This works for any business anywhere

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Every small business faces a common problem. They know they need to market their business but usually don’t have the time or expertise to market and stay on top of everything else.

Often they think that marketing is too costly and they don’t have the budget for it so they don’t have a marketing plan or strategy and just wing it and hope for the best.

That’s not a good strategy and usually ends up with a lack of sufficient sales and, worst yet, can lead to the ultimate failure of the business.


True leadership is summed up in one very old maxim within this article

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Leadership has become an elusive term. America and the world are in a topsy turvy mess when it comes to seeking out and finding real leadership if leadership is based on the meaning ascribed to it.

Leadership has been massaged so much over time that recently a new term, “value-based leadership”, is used to attempt to set apart real leadership from all other forms of leadership.

Unfortunately, that term has not been lived up to either. We are still in a mess when it comes to leadership…

Deduct up to a million dollars within one year for certain expenditures.

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Small businesses are the backbone of America’s business economy yet they pay and bear the burden of being the most heavily taxed.

Large corporations have a bevy of accountants and lawyers to take advantage of every tax loophole there is and often don’t pay as much tax as the smallest of businesses.

Usually, this is because of a lack of knowledge and access to information that could be used to a small business’s advantage.

One of the unknown and highly effective IRS Codes available to small businesses to…

It’s as simple as being invited to a dance

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The pandemic of 2020 brought to the surface many things other than our vulnerability to an infectious physical virus.

It also scratched the scab off a virulent virus that has plagued the world for decades and forced global attention on it, especially in America.

That virulent virus is racism and all of its devastating and damaging results. Death and destruction, poverty and pain, haves and have nots. All have risen their nasty heads and are wreaking havoc on society through the prism of racism. It’s a pandemic.

The echelons of America…

Roy Landers

Business attorney, entrepreneur, content marketer, and published author. I help you communicate your marketing message and generate sales.

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